How to Hire Super-Efficient Employees

hiring dynamic employeesLacklustre employees are the bane of every dynamic entrepreneur. Arriving at the office with renewed energy for the day and ambitious plans that you need to put into action, the last thing you want to be faced with is a team of employees who act as if they’d rather be somewhere else.

As discouraging as this scenario sounds, it is faced by entrepreneurs all over the world on a daily basis – what can you do to hire and keep efficient and dynamic employees?

It all starts with the job ad

Whether you advertise your new positions yourself or use an HR agency, you should make sure that the job ad which is placed in the papers or online is worded in a way that will attract dynamic applicants. Make sure to stress the need for a dynamic and efficient staff member in the ad – don’t be shy about stating what you want very clearly because if you do, the right person for the job is more likely to apply.

At the same time, your job ad should mention the benefits of working for your business as a dynamic employee – you can mention incentives, or briefly outline the exciting activities your business is involved in.

During the interview…

Once you’ve selected candidates with appropriate CVs for an initial interview, you should look out for signs of efficiency and a dynamic mentality in each candidate. Here are some positive signs to watch for:

  • The candidate is on time (or early)
  • The candidate is appropriately dressed, neat, and well-groomed – this shows respect and indicates that they are serious about the job
  • During the interview, the candidate is able to give a brief but detailed description of their skills and experience, focusing on specific projects and extra training they may have received
  • The candidate gives an honest and reasonable reason for wanting to change jobs, or if they are currently between jobs, the reason for leaving the previous job is legitimate – vague answers usually indicate something is being covered up, and you should followed up with the reference they provided on their CV.
  • The candidate is engaging to talk to and interacts well during the interview. Candidates who ask questions as well as answering them are showing you that they can think ahead.
  • If the candidate has less experience than you may be looking for, don’t write them off completely. Ask a few questions that test the person’s ability to take on tasks they haven’t done before and see if they think on their feet – if so, this is a very good sign.

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