All About Value Propositions

value-proposition-marketingIf you’re an entrepreneur who keeps his or her ear to the ground when it comes to marketing, you may have heard colleagues or other marketing professionals mention the term value proposition when discussing the overall marketing strategy of every business. What is a value proposition and how is it used to boost sales and increase a client base? Continue reading

Why You Should Ask For Referrals

new-employee-referral-checkOne of the most difficult things about selecting a new member of staff through the interview process is that you may not know for certain whether your new employee will really be able to deliver on the job. Applicants may have excellent CVs – and look good on paper – but will your new staff member gel with the other members of your staff, and how reliable and trustworthy is the person? To help you decide the answer to these questions, you should insist on referrals from every job applicant you interview. Continue reading

Avoiding Disaster With Back-Ups

cloud-computing-backupMany small businesses are left with major headaches when a computer virus or hardware failure wipes out important business documentation like invoices and bookkeeping records. The consequences can be severe and can cost hours of productivity as you and you staff try to piece together the paperwork that has accumulated in your business over the years.

Computer failure can also create havoc for your payroll system which is computerised in most businesses today. To avoid these hassles and many others, it’s essential that you back up your documents and records on a regular basis. Continue reading

Insurance – How it Protects Your Lifestyle

fire-insurance-policyInsurance in all its forms – home insurance, car insurance, income insurance, and medical insurance – is the best protection from the unexpected events that take place in all our lives. Considering the value of our homes and vehicles, and how much we rely on our monthly incomes, a surprising number of people still don’t have adequate insurance cover – in fact some people don’t have insurance at all. Continue reading

Simple and Affordable Marketing – Some Ideas

business-marketing strategyAs the owner of a small business you may think that your marketing options are limited by the size of your company. Most large companies and corporations have a sizeable marketing budget and a marketing director who monitors the progress of marketing strategies – but you can harness the power of marketing no matter how small your business is. Here are a few simple and affordable marketing strategies that will increase your customer base and raise your revenues: Continue reading

Occupational Fraud – What You Need to Know

occupational-fraudWhen we think of fraud, the first things that come to mind are often pyramid schemes, credit card scams, or the notorious email scams that have gained so much attention in the press over the past few years. What we don’t always think of is the fraud that could be going on in our own businesses – right under our noses.

Occupational fraud is one of the worst types of theft, mostly because it is committed by your own employees or business partners. Whether R100 is missing from petty cash or R100 000 is unaccounted for when your company’s annual audit is finalised, experiencing occupational fraud in your business can be extremely unpleasant. It may be equally difficult to catch and penalise the person responsible for this fraud unless you have certain safeguards in place. Continue reading