Buying Property – Should You Buy the Household Contents?

household-contentIf you’re on the lookout for reasonably priced property at the moment, you may have noticed that some sellers are enticing would-be buyers with offers that include the property for sale as well as the household contents – is it worthwhile buying a fully furnished property, or will you end up paying more than you ought to?

Are the Contents Really ‘Included’?

There are many reasons why a seller may choose to include the household contents in the sale of a home. The most common reason for this is that the property was being used as a rental investment and was let fully furnished according to the lease agreement. Some sellers may be planning to retire or relocate, and are willing to let some of their household contents go rather than selling them individually – whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that the household contents are seldom ‘thrown in’ as part of the deal – you’ll probably be paying for them in the total price of the property.

Valuing Household Contents

If you are keen to buy a property and have been offered the household contents as part of the sale price, you will need to work out just how much these items would be worth if you bought them separately. Bearing in mind that most of these items are probably used, the total value of the household contents may not come to very much.

In your negotiations with the owner or estate agent, find out whether the property can be bought for less without the household goods, and compare the difference in price to the value of the goods – if you feel the household contents are in good condition and suit your taste, you could benefit from buying them if the price is right.

Do You Need These Items?

If you’re currently renting a furnished property and don’t have many items to transport to your new home, or if you’re buying a second property with a view to letting it out, the opportunity to buy a property with its household contents may be of benefit to you. Alternatively, you could sell whatever items you don’t need at a later time – though this would mean extra work and inconvenience. If you’re satisfied that you are saving money and gaining furnishings and appliances that are to your taste, you may be able to land an excellent bargain by offering to purchase the household contents.

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