Keeping Your Business and Personal Finances Separate

business-vs-personal-bank-accountsMany new business owners have trouble separating their business and personal finances. Especially in the early stages of the business, entrepreneurs may use personal funds to pay for business expenses while drawing cash from the business to cover personal costs – while this practice may be common, it can become a nightmare from a taxation point of view. Continue reading

The Art of Setting Goals in Business

setting-goalsIf you’re going to be enjoying running your business and find inspiration to work hard each day, the goals that you set for your business should match your personal goals quite closely. If your business is out of sync with your personal goals, you’ll soon lose the drive that’s necessary for every successful entrepreneur, leading to stagnation in your business. Here is a quick introduction to goal-setting for business owners. Continue reading

Rental Properties – What Damages Are the Landlord’s Responsibility?

property-landlord-responsibilityWhether you are a tenant or own a rental property, the issue of damages and whose responsibility they are is likely to affect you at some point.

From water damage to faulty electrical work and many more maintenance issues, damages to a rental property often become points of argument between tenants and their landlords, resulting in disagreements and even legal action. Fortunately, by ensuring that both landlord and tenant understand their responsibilities and carry them out, these unpleasant situations are easily avoidable. Here is a quick guide for tenants and landlords alike: Continue reading