How to Build Customer Trust

customer-trustMany business owners and sales professionals find themselves in a difficult situation: with a great product or service offering, they just can’t seem to convince customers to do business with them.

If you’ve experienced this challenge, you’re not alone – a lack of customer trust is behind most entrepreneurs’ frustrations when it comes to making sales and attracting new business. Here is a quick guide to building the customer trust that’s so crucial to every business.

Reasons for Customer Distrust

If you’re struggling to build customer trust, you may want to ask the question – why is there so much customer distrust around today?

Today’s customer is bombarded with advertising and sales speak. From the moment we get up and check the news and weather, and throughout the day, we see and hear people trying to sell us something. Newspaper, radio, and TV ads are constantly pushing products and services on the public, and the internet has made this situation even more extreme.

Recently, smartphones and tablets have added another means of communicating with potential customers, and while all these methods are excellent at delivering a marketing message, the public has become wary of salespeople and advertising.

Building Customer Trust – How to be Different

Contrary to what some sales techniques may teach you, selling a product to a customer is not a victory, and your customers are not targets or prospects – they are human beings just like you. After decades of being lured into buying products through persuasive salesmanship, customers will only trust your product or service if they are treated as friends and colleagues – this is the basis of creating customer trust. Here are a few pointers that will help you

  • Be Yourself – Don’t try to be a salesman: just treat your customer like a colleague and explain the advantages of your product or service.
  • Respect your customer’s wishes – Don’t try to push a sale if the customer isn’t all that interested. Rather, try to find out why the customer isn’t convinced that your product is what they need – this will help you to refine your offering over time.
  • Be flexible – by allowing your customers to relax and interact with you as colleagues, they will open up to you and be willing to consider different options, making a good sales relationship more likely.

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