Business Networking Meetings

Last Year I attended a large network of about 70 members. It was a new group, one that I had not attended before.

What an experience it was! As always, there were characters galore.

As I observed the scurrying about of some of these many different kinds of people, I began to wonder how stereotypical they were. Have you noticed any of these characters at your network meetings?

business networking people
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Dealing With Clients Who Don’t Pay

pay-invoiceOne of the worst experiences any business owner or self-employed person can have is dealing with a client who fails to pay on time, or tries to avoid paying altogether. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to a client who doesn’t pay, because a large percentage of monthly revenue may be lost as a result.

If you’ve had the unpleasant experience of a client who evades payment or would like to avoid this situation in your own business, here are some guidelines to ensure that your clients pay on time, and some steps you can take if they don’t pay: Continue reading

How to Build Customer Trust

customer-trustMany business owners and sales professionals find themselves in a difficult situation: with a great product or service offering, they just can’t seem to convince customers to do business with them.

If you’ve experienced this challenge, you’re not alone – a lack of customer trust is behind most entrepreneurs’ frustrations when it comes to making sales and attracting new business. Here is a quick guide to building the customer trust that’s so crucial to every business. Continue reading

Becoming a New Business Owner – The Impact on Your Finances

new business financesIf you’ve recently started your own business, or are considering making this critical decision, there are several facts about business ownership and its effects on your personal finances that you should know. In this blog, the latest in Northwood’s series on financial milestones, we offer some financial advice to new business owners. Continue reading

Financial Milestones – Turning 35

finances-at-35As Northwood’s series of blog posts on financial milestones continues, we’d like to focus on one very important one – turning 35.

As we mature and work hard to achieve the success we deserve in life, be it personal, financial, or career-wise, we tend to focus on birthdays that end in zeros like our 30th, 40th, and 50th when we reflect on the progress we’ve made. However, a 35th birthday may be even more important than the others because it marks an important milestone in most peoples’ careers: the beginning of excellent earnings and major promotions. Continue reading