Debt Management

debt-managementDespite a year of mixed blessings as far as the economy is concerned, South African consumers show little sign of slowing down their spending. While retailers are expecting a subdued festive spending season compared to previous years, recent figures indicate that South Africans have not modified their spending habits much over the course of the year, which saw the Rand fall amid labour unrest and an increase in inflation all-round. Continue reading

Retrenchment – The Financial Impact

retrenchmentSince the 2009 recession, thousands of South Africans have found themselves retrenched by businesses that are struggling to survive in the current economic conditions. Although the recession is considered old news by some, companies continue to retrench people on a regular basis. If you’re concerned that you may be in line for retrenchment in the future, this short guide will assist you in planning for your financial future. Continue reading

Your Retirement Checklist

retirement-readyWhether you’re 55 or 70, taking the decision to retire marks an important milestone in your life. After years of hard work and careful planning, you’re now ready to go out in style and enjoy the best years of your life in comfort, doing all the things you dreamed of during those long hours at the office. To ensure that your retirement is nothing but a pleasant experience, you’ll to make sure that you’ve answered the following questions: Continue reading