Taking a Break from Business

break-from-businessMost entrepreneurs share a love of work, putting in long hours to keep their businesses competitive and ensure that their client base continues to expand as they plan their future growth. While an excellent work ethic is sure to bring ample rewards to any small business owner, research has shown that taking time off can be equally productive.

Beware the Burn-Out

Hard work gets results, but the line between productivity and burn-out can be a fine one to tread. Entrepreneurs should resist the urge to push themselves beyond the limit, taking regular breaks during the course of a day to rest their minds and recharge their energy levels before they dive into the next task.

A good general rule is to take a 15 minute break for every two hours you’ve been hard at work, or a daily break of an hour – your choice will depend on your schedule as well as your individual personality and needs.

Taking Time Off

Regular short breaks help to refocus the mind during the course of a busy day, but there are times when you need to take an extended break of a week or more to fully revive your body and mind. Many entrepreneurs claim that they have no time for holidays, but a week or two off each year should be manageable for most business owners.

By choosing a time of year when you are usually the least busy and leaving a reliable colleague or member of staff in charge of the office during your time away, you’ll be sure not to miss any important commercial opportunities while you’re away.

If you do wish to stay in contact with the office, set aside an hour or so each day you are away to catch up on emails and offer guidance to your staff on important matters. Once that time is over, you should close your laptop and return to the business of relaxation – you’ll return to the office as a new person at the end of your break.

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