The Tax Implications of Retrenchment

tax-retrenchmentFinding yourself retrenched is never a pleasant experience, and the frustration involved will only be heightened should you find yourself on the wrong side of SARS during the process. As an illustration of just how difficult this situation could become, let’s take the example of Wendy, a recently retrenched office manager who approached us recently for assistance: Continue reading

How Much Should You Charge?

charging-pricesDeciding on a price for goods and services is one of most important decisions any business owner or self-employed person will need to make. The amount you charge your clients has to be competitive, and at the same time you are obliged to make a profit in order for your business to be sustainable – but what is the best way to reach that balance? Here is a quick guide to pricing your goods and services competitively: Continue reading

Taking a Break from Business

break-from-businessMost entrepreneurs share a love of work, putting in long hours to keep their businesses competitive and ensure that their client base continues to expand as they plan their future growth. While an excellent work ethic is sure to bring ample rewards to any small business owner, research has shown that taking time off can be equally productive. Continue reading