Don’t Get Caught in a Sales Funnel

sales-funnelEvery business relies on sales and marketing to attract new customers and retain existing ones. When it comes to attracting new customers, one effective strategy involves creating awareness of a product or service, contacting potential clients and customers, and selling your products and services in a convincing way which will turn the potential customer’s interest in your product into a willingness to buy.

Unfortunately, many business owners find themselves stuck in the sales funnel – constantly communicating with potential customers but unable to convert them into regular customers. Here are a few strategies to get your business through the sales funnel with ease.

What is the Sales Funnel?

The sales funnel is a concept used by many sales and marketing professionals to illustrate the process of converting interested people into paying customers. By imagining the large number of people your company’s marketing message will reach as being in the top of a funnel, the actual number of customers gets smaller and smaller as your prospects “flow” through the sales funnel, leaving a small number of paid-up customers at the bottom.

For example, out of 1000 people who receive information about your company, 300 may make an enquiry. Out of those 300, 150 may have some real interest in the product or service, and perhaps 100 may be genuinely interested in placing an order. Of course, with the right sales strategy you can maximise the number of people who show an interest in your product and place orders, expanding your income and customer base.

Creating Customers

Next time you or a member of your sales team are on a sales call, remember the following excellent tips:

  • Greet the customer with enthusiasm and professionalism, limiting the amount of ‘sales-speak’ you use.
  • Make the purpose of your call extremely clear – let the customer know exactly what products and services you have to offer, and the benefits of each one.
  • Schedule an appointment or offer to send further information – your customer will sense your professionalism and will be enticed to do business with you.
  • Thank the customer – whether or not the person wishes to place an order, your business will benefit from positive word-of-mouth referrals if you are polite and professional.

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