Are you a Doodad Specialist?

credit-card-spendingDoodads are spontaneous purchases that you’d never repeat, given a second chance. Take our easy 5 question Quiz to see if YOU are a Doodad Specialist!

At the end we’ll send you a little spreadsheet to capture your credit card expenses on (for your eyes only). If you fall into the Doodad Specialist category, you probably need some help – contact us if you’d like us to help you.

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Avoiding the Business Treadmill

business-treadmillAre there times when you feel like your business is a treadmill – demanding hard work from you as you run your company but giving you the feeling that you are going nowhere?

If you’ve felt like this before, you are not alone – the entrepreneurial treadmill is a feeling that many business owners experience, and there are ways to solve this common business problem. Here are some tips for running your business without letting it run you: Continue reading

The Financial Implications of Having a Child – What Education Could Cost You

education-costsHaving a child is one of the most important milestones in many relationships and understandably, the decision to start a family is often taken by overjoyed would-be parents who plan to spend many happy years raising their children. However, without careful financial planning you may not be able to provide for a key expense in your child’s upbringing: education.

Education – A Major Expense

In contrast to many countries where education is free to the public, South Africa has seen the cost of primary, secondary, and tertiary education increase in recent years. Continue reading