Tax Concessions for Disabled People

disabled-businessmanSouth African taxpayers with disabilities are entitled to various deductions from their income tax in terms of changes to the tax regulations which were announced by SARS for the 2009/2010 tax year.

However, many taxpayers who are disabled are either not aware of these concessions or do not realise just how much they could save on their income tax by making full use of them. Continue reading

Buyer’s Remorse – What to do if you’ve purchased something you can’t afford

buyers-remorseBuying an item you really can’t afford is something that has probably happened to you more than once – it is one of the most common types of spending errors made by all consumers.

Whether you’ve been wooed by a very convincing advertising campaign or have simply realised that your current finances can’t accommodate an item you’ve recently purchased, there are ways to salvage your situation and place yourself back on the path to wealth creation. Continue reading

Do you work IN your business or ON your business?

business-managementOne of the biggest challenges faced by business owners is finding a balance between being directly involved in running the company and taking a strategic and management approach where valuable time is spent planning the company’s marketing, HR and financial strategies. While you may need to work in your business to ensure that things run smoothly, it’s extremely important to take the time that’s needed to work on your business too – here are a few useful ideas that will assist you in finding the right balance for your business: Continue reading

BEE Registration – Your Business Will Benefit

BEE-compliant businessBEE or Black Economic Empowerment is one of the most important economic policies that have been produced in South Africa since the fall of Apartheid.

However, many people are still unclear about the details of BEE and may not realise that their business could benefit significantly from having a good BEE scorecard. Here are the facts you need to know about BEE as a business owner: Continue reading