Provisional Tax – The New Tax on Dividends

dividends-taxThe new Dividends Tax came into effect in South Africa on the 1st of April, changing the way taxation on share dividends is collected. This new legislation means that the tax shareholders pay on dividends will be deducted from the dividend before it is paid out, and understanding the new law is essential to prevent confusion when filing your provisional tax returns. Continue reading

Marriage – The Tax Implications

tax-law-married-couplesGetting married is an exciting and important decision, and for many couples it is the most important decision they will ever make together. While tax may be the last thing on a couple’s mind when they plan their future together, the South African tax laws do apply differently to married people. Continue reading

Cashless Banking: FNB Launches GeoPayments

electronic-bankingWith the digital banking revolution taking hold in South Africa, bank clients are taking advantage of enhanced services which are available on tablet and smart phone devices. Besides the better-known electronic banking services like EFTs and balance enquiries via cell phone and tablet, FNB customers can now also make cashless payments to each other, provided that they are in the same location. Continue reading

Treating Customers Fairly

business-customerPutting the customer first should be the first priority of every business. Unfortunately, there are still instances where this is not the case, and many unsuspecting insurance clients still fall prey to practices which are unfair and do not put their needs first. This often happens when a client wishes to change insurers. A similar tactic may be used by certain investment companies who are keen to keep their clients at all costs. Continue reading