Northwood Partners With The Tax Shop

The Northwood Group recently partnered with The Tax Shop to offer clients an enhanced range of taxation services. From accounting and payroll solutions to BEE certifications and assistance with DTI incentives, our new venture with The Tax Shop will offer Northwood clients a host of new and improved services that will allow their businesses to expand and run efficiently.
The Tax Shop - taxation

Introducing Tax Shop

Any business owner will confirm that tax-related issues are some of the most important and time-consuming aspects of managing a company. The winning formula behind The Tax Shop is the integration of tax, accounting payroll, BEE certification, and DTI incentives all under one roof.

Unlike traditional tax consultants who often burden new clients with high fees, The Tax Shop offers an array of services at extremely competitive rates. As a Tax Shop franchisee, Northwood will now be offering an expanded range of services in line with the requirements of our clients.

What Services Are on Offer?


In keeping with Northwood’s accounting services, our partnership with The Tax Shop will continue to offer clients a comprehensive accounting solution. Whether you have a small, medium, or large size company, Northwood and The Tax Shop will be able to provide monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping services, management reporting, budgets and forecasting and of course tax returns.

BEE Certification

If you’d like to obtain BEE certification for your business or need assistance with planning and implementing a successful BEE strategy, the enhanced services offered by The Tax Shop will offer solutions. With the importance of BEE compliance in today’s business environment, this service will be essential to many of our clients.

DTI Incentives

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) offers various incentives for businesses, depending on the size of the organisation, its BEE status, and the sector in which it operates.

If you’ve heard of some of the incentives, including the EIP, BPO&O, CPFP and CIS, and are unsure what exactly they are and if your business qualifies, Northwood and The Tax Shop will be able to guide you through the process.

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