Couples Finance – Dealing With Assets

couples-finance-propertyMany couples, be they partners or husband and wife, take the decision to buy assets such as property and cars jointly. In relationships where there is one breadwinner, assets may still be placed in a spouse’s name to offer the person who doesn’t work a sense of financial security. What are the various options when it comes to assets and what approach should you be taking? Continue reading

Dividend Withholding Tax – What It Means for You

dividend-withholding-taxOn the 1st of April, Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) replaced Secondary Tax on Companies (STC), a form of taxation that was in effect for many years. While the new tax may have an effect on the value of your investments over the long term, it differs from person to person depending on how much you have invested in shares and for how long. The following main points about DWT should make this new tax a little clearer: Continue reading

Training Tomorrow’s Financial Advisors – Northwood Makes a Difference

The Northwood Group’s approach to financial advice – putting the client first and operating as a fee-based practice without accepting commissions from insurers and investment companies – is a legacy that makes Nico Kleynhans very proud.

Having founded Northwood on these principles as well as on a reputation for reliable financial advice and a unique approach to financial planning, Northwood’s founder is now taking an active role in training the next generation of students who are working in finance through an innovative internship programme.
financial planning interns Continue reading

Northwood Partners With The Tax Shop

The Northwood Group recently partnered with The Tax Shop to offer clients an enhanced range of taxation services. From accounting and payroll solutions to BEE certifications and assistance with DTI incentives, our new venture with The Tax Shop will offer Northwood clients a host of new and improved services that will allow their businesses to expand and run efficiently.
The Tax Shop - taxation Continue reading

Your Relationship With Money

money-relationshipMoney brings out different feelings in all of us, with some people making it their number one priority and others seeming not to be concerned about it at all. While most of us fall somewhere between these two extremes, it’s interesting to realise that each person’s relationship with money is different. Understanding this relationship is one of the first steps toward achieving financial freedom and enjoying a comfortable retirement, making it one of the most important relationships you’re likely to have. Continue reading