Why You Absolutely Need a Will

estate-willAn alarming number of South Africans do not have a will, despite owning property and other assets which will need to be accounted for and disbursed in the event of their death. If you haven’t drafted a will yet, consider the inconvenience and financial impact this could have on your family if you should die intestate. Months or years of frozen assets and an arduous legal process are just some of the problems your family could face at a time when they will be struggling with your loss. Continue reading

Costs Involved in Buying a Home

buying-house-costsThe excitement of buying a home doesn’t need to fade because of unexpected costs. By being aware of the expenses involved in purchasing a property you’ll be able to plan for these and will have no unexpected surprises waiting for you after you’ve signed your offer to purchase. Here are some of the most common expenses involved in buying a home, assuming you will be taking out a home loan. Continue reading

Why Changing Funds May Not Be Wise

changing-fundsOur previous blog posts dealt with some of the practical implications of the 2012 Budget as far as South African investors are concerned. Having dealt with the issues of interest rate exemptions and changes in taxes on dividends and capital gains, We now move on to some practical advice for all South Africans who have equity investments: The fact that switching between funds is not normally a good investment strategy. Continue reading

Practical Implications of the 2012 Budget – Part 1

national budget 2012The 2012 National Budget was met with mixed responses from many investment analysts and financial advisors. While the treasury’s goal of reducing deficits gave confidence to many analysts who were concerned about the levels of government borrowing in South Africa, the annual deficit may be capped by increased tariffs and taxation. For South African investors, especially those approaching retirement, there are several practical implications of the Budget which should be noted. Continue reading