South Africa’s Best Unit Trusts

unit-trustsMost responsible brokers and financial advisors recommend investing over the long term. Unlike day-trading and short-term investments which often see investors losing money as they chase the ‘next big thing’ on the stock market, long term investment allows your portfolio to grow at a stable rate over the years and decades, while guarding your investments against short-term fluctuations in the markets. Continue reading

Drawing Cash Using Your Cell phone

cash-from-cellphoneJust when you thought electronic banking couldn’t get any smarter, there is now a method of drawing cash by using your cell phone – no bank cards required.

Over the past two decades, South Africans have opted to pay by card or EFT for most purchases, with the cost of clearing cheques increasing and the safety issues involved in carrying large amounts of cash discouraging bank clients from making large withdrawals. However, there are times when you just can’t do without cold hard cash. Continue reading

Employee Fraud: The Use of Polygraph Testing

employee-fraud-polygraphActs of theft and fraud by employees is a very serious threat to the health of any business. The effects of shrinkage on the company’s bottom line aside, an office environment where fraud is taking place is often one where members of staff are pitted against their employer, with conspiracies and insubordination being common.

Fraud investigations include the use of several tools, including the well-known polygraph or lie detector test. Continue reading

The Tax Implications of a Rental Property

rental-property-taxRental properties are evergreen investments in South Africa. From family homes and apartments in established suburbs to sought-after coastal properties that attract a significant rental premium, this asset class offers the stability of property with the potential to earn good monthly returns as the value of the property increases over time.

If you are a rental property owner or are thinking of investing in one, bear in mind that a secondary rental property is not without its tax implications. By understanding how to declare income and expenses on your rental property, you’ll be able to take advantage of your investment without worrying about taxation difficulties. Continue reading

How To Issue An Invoice

invoices-taxMany new business owners are faced with something of a challenge when it comes time to issue their first batch of invoices. For VAT-registered businesses, issuing invoices correctly is of vital importance because it has an impact on the bottom line. Without proper tax invoicing, a small business could find itself out of pocket or on the wrong side of the taxman – two pitfalls that can easily be avoided. Continue reading