How to Choose the Right Tenant

Property TenantAsk anyone who works in property management about the challenges they face on a regular basis, and the issue of problem tenants is bound to come up. If you own a rental property, you simply can’t take the risk of entrusting your valuable asset to just anyone – while a good tenant will help keep your property in good shape, a bad one can cost you thousands in repairs and inconvenience.

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Joint Mortgage Bonds: Making Property Investments Affordable

Joint Mortgage BondWith the cost of property in South Africa having increased significantly over the past ten years, and in the current economic climate which has seen banks tightening their lending requirements, many investors are opting to pair up with friends, family and colleagues to purchase secondary properties. If you’re considering this option as a means of investing in property more affordably, there are a few considerations to bear in mind: Continue reading

How to Budget – Part Two

expensesIn part one, we explained the process of drawing up your monthly expenditures and comparing these to your income to find out if your budget balances. In part two we look at ways of cutting expenditure to achieve a surplus or at least balance your budget.

Remember, the monthly expenses we listed in part one included retirement and emergency savings, so even if you just manage to balance your budget you are still on the right track. Continue reading